Timeless Champagnes

“I drink Champagne when I win, to celebrate… and I drink Champagne when I lose, to console myself.Napoleon Bonaparte

Wise beyond his years, we think Napoleon’s words remain relevant today as they did over two hundred years ago. Lucky for us, Champagne continues to thrive as one of the world’s best-recognised and -loved blended wines. Since Napoleon’s day, the Champagne region of France has been home to a thriving and internationally-recognised wine industry that continues to advocate méthode champenoise viticulture. We’re particularly fond of the following varieties:

Champagne Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé

Bubbly’s take… Our first Champagne of 2022! This is a marvellous sparkling rosé, which you definitely won’t want to waste on a New Year’s Eve. The Billacart-Salmon bursts from bottle to flute with a lively froth and in a welcoming shade of ripe peach. This Champagne brings a complex but well-balanced flavour to the palate. […]

Carré-Perseval Champagne Brut

Bubbly’s take… We think this Champagne is a real winner! We discovered this by happenstance one Friday night in Sainsbury’s. This wine comes out of the bottle with a lovely platinum shade, with a very slight hint of rosé. It is a three-grape variety made from Chardonnary, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. With a light […]

Baron Albert L’Universelle Brut Champagne

Bubbly’s take… We loved this Champagne! This one comes from a relatively young and family-run vineyard, which cultivates a floroushing variety of Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes. We think they’ve made a classic. The Baron Albert comes out of the bottle with a pale and inviting shade. We feel this is a drier […]

Bollinger Special Cuvée

Bubbly’s take… Rest assured, there are innumerable reasons why Bollinger can be described as one of the finer Champagne houses, many of which have already been eloquently recounted. With that said, we decided to try out one of Bolly’s premium Champagnes, the Special Cuvée, to see what the hype is all about. We were extremely […]

Piper-Heidsieck Champagne

Bubbly’s take… A partner of the Cats musical, Piper-Heidsieck is a landmark Champagne house that can trace its roots back to 1785 and perhaps even earlier! Theirs is a history steeped in regality (… think Marie Antoinette) and a commitment to excellence. That commitment coupled with their illustrious beginnings has enabled this respected house showcase […]

Pol Roger Réserve Brut

Bubbly’s take… Now here’s another Champagne worth making a fuss about! Coming from the Épernay commune, this sublime wine has long been a favourite of the British Royal Family and even bears a Royal Warrant. We remember first trying this Brut at the wine bar in the Royal Exchange in London (before Fortnum & Mason […]

Lanson Rose Label Brut Rosé

Bubbly’s take: Both in its box and glass, this Rosé Champagne looks great. On the palate, this Brut conjures a subtle berry bouquet with all the punch of a fine Champagne. While the Rosé style is occasionally shunned in favour of traditional Champagne, we feel Lanson have blended an excellent wine that reconciles a broad […]

Champagne Nicolas de Montbar

Bubbly’s take: We were quite taken by this crisp Champagne. It has a dry, sparkling and “no nonsense” flavour, being exactly what one would expect from a Champagne. This is a reliable and straightforward wine that should please Champagne lovers and occasional drinkers alike. In common with the Veuve Monsigny Champagne Brut, this wine also […]

Palmer & Co. Brut Resérve Champagne

Bubbly’s take… This one is a real “no-nonsense” wine. Made in Reims, we think this Champagne would suit anyone who prefers a clear and more pointed brut, without layered or complicated flavours. This is quite a potent wine hence it would make quite a firecracker for the right occasion! We enjoyed this as part of […]

Ayala Champagne Brut Majeur

Bubbly’s take… A little more demure, the Ayala house have been making Champagne for over 160 years (- you can read more here). With such experience in viticulture, we sampled the Brut Majeur with gusto. When we come to think of Champagne, we tend to think of it as a quintessentially dry wine. And this […]

Champagne Comte de Senneval

Bubbly’s take: The Champagne Comte de Senneval balances excellent value with a flavoursome taste (much like the Veuve Monsigny below). This one could be a real party piece, if the guest list is long and you need a lot of Champagne to last you through the night. Would go well with: Lots of things! This […]

Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial

Bubbly’s take… This Brut is both a wonderful Champagne and a wonderful Rosé! We received this at Christmas in one of those big, elaborate boxes hence we had high expectations, particulary as the esteemed Moët & Chandon house now counts Louis Vutton amongst its corporate siblings. What really surprised us about this wine is it […]

Champagne Delamotte Brut

Bubbly’s take: This one brings back fond memories of a lovely meal at Balthazar in Covent Garden, London. It is a robust and rich Champagne that almost deserves to be an entrée in itself. Would go well with: Hearty vegetarian dishes or perhaps a warm or cheesy starter (perhaps French onion soup, if you happen […]

Esterlin Champagne Brut Éclat

Bubbly’s take: In our opinion, the Brut Éclat, is a fairly formidable Champagne. It pours from the bottle with a pure alabaster froth; after settling, the wine takes an intriguing pale and golden shade. The particular Brut we enjoyed hailed from 2015 though we understand the Esterlin winery use a blend of three grapes of […]

Veuve Monsigny Champagne Brut

Bubbly’s take: We think this award-winning Champagne offers a robust yet lilting flavour. It is characterful, fun and represents exceptional value. While Champagne is often characterised as an occasional treat or something to punctuate a special occasion, we feel this variety is an “evergreen” suited to both Champagne-lovers, who regularly enjoy Friday bubbles and those […]

Louis Delaunay Champagne Brut

Bubbly’s take: From bottle to glass, this is slightly enigmatic Champagne presents itself with an almost auburn colour. It possesses pleasing and fulfilling notes that won’t disappoint. In our view, this Champagne house have developed an excellent Brut that combines a pleasant flavour with superb value. We believe every Champagne lover should keep a bottle […]

Denis Chaput Champagne Mésogée Brut

Bubbly’s take… This was a refreshing find. The Denis Chaput pours with a soft fizz. It is a remarkably wholesome sparkling, with a reassuringly dry taste. That being said, it’s certainly not a bitter wine and we found a remarkable flavour of fresh apples. Would go well with… This is a pleasant ‘go-to’ Champagne so […]

Champagne Monopole Heidsieck & Co Blue Top Brut

Bubbly’s take… This is a pleasant Champagne that offers remarkibly good value. We were really pleased to learn that the Heidsieck House recognises the intimate and timeless connection between good Champagne and great food. With a full and hearty palate of fruit, we think this Brut craves food. It comes out of the bottle with […]

Lanson Black Label Brut

Bubbly’s take… The Lanson house has been in business since 1760, making it one of the more well-established Champagne wineries. Yet this Reims-based vineyard has become one of the most visible producers, being a long-standing partner of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. Unfortunately, we’re aware Lanson’s Black Label is sometimes seen as a “gift-giver” Champagne – […]

Champagne Jacquart Mosaique Brut

Bubbly’s take… Chic and smooth, this elegant Champagne hails from Reims. It pours from the bottle with a golden, effervescent buzz. This Brut possesses a characteristically-dry and fragrant flavour. It is not overpowering but reminiscent of everything that you would expect from a Champagne. Produced by the forward-thinking and refreshing Jacquart Champagne house, we feel […]

Nicolas Feuillatte Sélection Brut

Bubbly’s take: We reckon this agreeable Champagne will become a regular in our wine repetoire. Straight from an ornate bottle, there is a regal glow to this fizz. It has a playful yet soothing taste that does not overwhelm the palate. Most enjoyable to sample, we believe this accomplished wine is particularly suited to those […]

Veuve Clicquot Champagne Brut Yellow Label

Bubbly’s take… In our very humble opinion, Veuve Clicquot is one of the ultimate Champagne houses. We believe the Yellow Label represents an exceptional cru (perhaps surpassed only by Veuve Clicquot’s vintage blends). Given this is such a celebrated and quintessential Champagne, little wonder it has its very own annual garden festival. While Veuve Clicquot […]