Timeless Champagnes

Nicolas Feuillatte Sélection Brut

Bubbly’s take: We reckon this agreeable Champagne will become a regular in our wine repetoire. Straight from an ornate bottle, there is a regal glow to this fizz. It has a playful yet soothing taste that does not overwhelm the palate. Most enjoyable to sample, we believe this accomplished wine is particularly suited to those who are less familiar with the Champagne method of viticulture. It is pleasing yet unpretentious, simple but elegant. Well worth sharing with family and close friends. We can’t wait to try some of the other Champagnes from this fine appellation!

Would go well with: Ok… this is where we embarrass ourselves. We sampled this lovely wine while we had fish ‘n’ chips. No… not classy fish ‘n’ chips but the “fish supper” kind that you get from a takeway. We would definitely recommend a more refined and wholesome fish dish to pair with this fabulous fizz. But on a Saturday night, with breaded fish and fried chips, this Champagne was still an excellent counterbalance.

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