Incredible Cavas

“Wine is bottled poetry.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Spain’s answer to Champagne! The méthode champenoise was a milestone development in the history and science of viticulture, forming the cornerstone of today’s sparkling wine industry. This landmark wine-making technique was brought to Spain in the late 19th century, being practised just across the border in Catalan vineyards. This perhaps marked the beginning of Spain’s contemporary sparkling wine industry and the birth of its appropriately-vaunted Cava. Though beautiful in appearance and in palate, “cava” is Spanish for cellar, where this indulgent wine found its humble beginnings. But thenceforth, Cava has grown to become a much-loved and venerated wine. We feel Cava is fun, affordable and accessible; we hope you’ll enjoy trying some of our favourites, which we’ve reviewed below:

Castillo Perelada Stars Brut Nature Reserva

Bubbly’s take… We stumbled upon this one mainly because we were quite taken with its starry label and a timeless quote by Dom Pérignon. Yet there’s a lot more to the Perelada house than glitzy labels; this winery has been producing in Catalonia, Spain since medieval times – think of a turreted castle, complete with […]

Franck Massard Mas Sardana Cava Brut Nature

Bubbly’s take… There’s a well-rehearsed belief that sparkling wine can ‘go to your head’ or bring on a ‘terrible headache’. We won’t disagree – there’s some cheap stuff out there afterall. However, there are also some great new entrants to the well-celebrated and increasingly popular Cava market. Franck Massard is an inspiring wine producer, who […]

Tanners Brut Cava

Bubbly’s take… We feel this one could turn into one of our Cava staples. Tanners are are a well-established and -versed provincial wine merchants, with an intriguing history and excellent selection of wines. They offer this signature Cava under their name and with good reason. It is a strong and frothy wine, with a well-balanced […]

Freixenet Cordon Rosado Gran Selección Cava

Bubbly’s take… Well, well, well… we made good on our pledge (below) and we found another great Freixenet to feature – this time it’s a rosé Cava. We were completely surprised by this lovely sparkling wine – the Rosado is surprisingly fruity and refreshing. It bears a dry yet lilting flavour, paying credence to its […]

Freixenet Cordon Negro Gran Selección Cava

Bubbly’s take… In our view, Freixenet represent one of the most successful Cava franchises. By successful, we mean Freixenet have combined their well-established wine-making tradition with a forward-looking and entrepreneurial approach to yield some of the most accessible and acclaimed Cavas. With over 100 years’ of experience in the viticulture business, the Freixenet dynasty is […]

Contevedo Edición Orgánica Cava Brut

Bubbly’s take… Extremely well-priced and marketed as an organic Cava, it is hard to fault this sparkling at first blush. Out of the bottle, this wine has an enticing shade of citrus and some solid effervescence. It brings a dry, refreshing and zesty taste to the palate. This is a versatile Cava and one we’ve […]

Vilarnau Rosé Brut Cava

Bubbly’s take… What a lovely sparkling rosé! Made by the esteemed Vilarnau house, this is a very floral Cava. If you are looking for a rosé Cava that has a fruity bouquet then this is the one for you. It comes out of the bottle with a pleasant shade of rose gold and brings a […]