Incredible Cavas

Franck Massard Mas Sardana Cava Brut Nature

Bubbly’s take…

There’s a well-rehearsed belief that sparkling wine can ‘go to your head’ or bring on a ‘terrible headache’. We won’t disagree – there’s some cheap stuff out there afterall. However, there are also some great new entrants to the well-celebrated and increasingly popular Cava market.

Franck Massard is an inspiring wine producer, who pivoted to viticulture in 2004 after a career as a sommelier – the first incarnation of the Mas Sardana was bottled in 2011. As you’ll see, his work doesn’t stop with wine, also managing an in-house olive oil franchise.

We thought the Mas Sardana was a little different from first sip. Though a wholesome and dry Cava, we found it to be a softer and lighter than its peers. It’s a great choice to those less initiated to the world of Cava or a trifle worried about feeling fragile the next morning. That said, this is by no means an enfeebled wine. The Mas Sardana still brings a full blossom of fruit to the palate, accented by a delicate aftertaste, which speaks to its Catalonian heritage.

Would go well with…

We tried this Cava solo though that’s not to say it would not make a good mealtime companion. We think this would pair well with a seafood dish – perhaps lemon sole or scallops.

Where to buy…

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