Virgin Bubbles

“It’s not a hangover, it’s wine ‘flu.”Unknown

For those times when life’s already ‘gone to your head’, don’t sweat it. We’ve found some low- or no-alcohol wine for you to enjoy when you’re not feeling quite right but are craving bubbles. All you need to do is find a fresh glass and try out one of favourite bottles of virgin fizz.

We’re also very much aware that there is a growing demand and market for low and alcohol-free drinks. We hope to try more of these over the coming months and look forward to sharing our thoughts with you. Please check back from time to time to see what we’ve discovered!

(Please do remember that not all of the below wines are alcohol-free. Many of these are, in fact, reduced or low alcohol drinks (often de-alcoholised to c.0.5%). Please do (double-)check the bottle label if you are unable to consume any alcohol.)

Miguel Torres Natureo 0.0

Bubbly’s take… The Natureo is another, increasingly mainstream, de-alcoholised red wine. This one hails from Spain and is a blend produced from Garnacha and Syrah grapes. One thing we noticed is that the Natureo has a somewhat spicy and festival – think mulled wine – flavour. This sort of makes sense given the label mentions […]

Leitz Eins Zwei Zero Riesling

Bubbly’s take… Ok, ok! We admit it – this isn’t a fizzy wine but it is still a premium de-alcoholised alternative that we feel deserves its spotlight. In terms of flavour, this German Riesling has a nice fruity blush though it’s not too overpowering and we definitely felt we were drinking a wine (rather than […]

Tesco Low Alcohol Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc

Bubbly’s take… While we don’t usually review “own-brand” wine, we had to post something about this refreshing Spanish Sauvignon Blanc. While dealcoholised to <0.5%, we felt this sparkling white came surprisingly close to the real thing. It’s well-priced and characterful, bringing a welcome depth of flavour typically not found in its peer group. Would go […]

McGuigan Zero Sparkling Alcohol-free Wine

Bubbly’s take… We’re delighted to showcase another virgin wine from an established winery. As low- and no-alcohol wines go, we found this sparkling to have a good depth of flavour. It looks, tastes and froths like an (alcoholised) Australian sparkling wine, and represents a convincing and compelling substitute that should form part of any low-alcohol […]

Marks and Spencer Fizzero Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Rosé

Bubbly’s take… This is one of the best virgin wines we’ve tried. It’s perfect for a midweek tipple – when you’d love some fizz but it’s only Wednesday. This fine sparkling wine is available from UK outlets of Marks & Spencer and certain M&S Food outlets. Amongst its peer group, this sparkling possesses excellent depth […]

Torres Natureo De-alcoholised Muscat (Spain)

Bubbly’s take… We heard that the Natureo was the very first de-alcoholised wine to hit the supermarket shelves in Spain. For a virgin wine, we certainly think this one has surprising depth of flavour. It possesses rounded, lush and fruity notes to keep the palate entertained. This wine also possesses a beautiful colour and a […]

Benjamin Truffer Alcohol-free Sparkling Muscato

Bubbly’s take… This light wine is definitely fruity and flavoursome. Being a Muscato, it is certainly one of the sweeter virgin or low-alcohol wines that we have tried. But it is a cordial drink to enjoy and we believe it would be suited to those seeking a more adventurous virgin wine. Would go well with… […]

Freixenet Alcohol-free Sparkling

Bubbly’s take: Marketed as an “alcohol-free” wine, Freixenet sell this under a o.o.% volume label. Unlike many other wines in its peer group, which are frequently de-alcoholised to 0.5%, Freixenet’s alternative may be well-suited to anyone who wants a teetotal night. While very light and delicate to the palate, this quality wine blossoms with the […]


Bubbly’s take… Crisp and pointed, this faux Prosecco most definitely tastes like the real deal. We enjoyed this amongst family at a cabin in woods-style holiday retreat. It is one of the most convincing low-alcohol wines we have tried. The Nosecco is a solid replication of a mainstream Prosecco, with its own underlying and effervescent […]