Find Better Fizz… with Bubbly!

Thanks for visiting Bubbly – your no-nonsense guide to some of the most agreeable (…read as ‘fun‘) wines.

We’re not viticulturalists. We’re not sommeliers. And we’re not professional wine-tasters. But we’re definitely wine-lovers! We hope you’ll enjoy exploring some of the carefully curated wines we’ve reviewed on our humble little blog. And please do feel free to stop by every so often and see what’s new in our collection. Cheers!

Our Philosophy…

… we believe wine is meant to be enjoyed rather than studied, and drank rather than tasted. Here we share some of our favourite vino that we’ve catalogued, which we hope you’ll go ahead and try. We’ve got Champagnes, Crémants, Cavas, some lovely red and white wines, low- and no-alcohol wine, and a few other wonderful treats! We’ve found these intriguing wines in supermarkets, at vineyards, at weddings and all sorts of other special events so there should be something to cater for every taste and purse.

Our Approach…

… we don’t believe there should be such a thing as a ‘bad wine’.  That being said, we also don’t believe in featuring wine that we wouldn’t drink.  What this means is that we don’t “appraise” wine as such – there are no “x/10” ratings, no five stars, no lengthy reviews and no complicated scorecards. Instead, you’ll find wine that we’ve tried with some simple, clear and comprensible feedback. Occasionally, we may also award a wine, we feel is particularly interesting, one of our accolades – there are four of these that you should look out for (below):

We award the Ten of Diamonds to wines that we feel reconcile an appealing body, finish and flavour, with exceptional value. These vintages could form part of a wine-lover’s staple. Typically, they are versatile enough to be enjoyed by themselves or with or within food or nibbles. And also drunk with friends or family, or on a quiet night-in with a cosy book or film.

The Queen of Diamonds denotes a queen amongst wines. We feel these are higher-end drinks that deserve special distinction. Such wine could also form a regular in your repertoire, being of commendable stock. You may only want to share these with your closer friends, family and significant other…

The Ace of Diamonds may be found alongside best-in-class beverages. We believe these represent exceptional contributions to their respective varietal or blend. The Ace of Diamonds is hence reserved for particularly discerning wine, be it a classic and well-recognised variety or a novel newcomer. Whether for a dinner party, birthday drinks, celebrating a fabulous promotion or any other special occasion, wines bearing this accolade should not disappoint!

Naturally, our wine palette would not be complete without a few wild cards. Accordingly, the Joker celebrates some extraordinary wines with a welcome and unexpected character. Occasionally, whether by happenstance, recommendation or research, you come across a vintage that dazzles you. Be it the taste, fragrance or price, there are certain wines that are a simple and welcome surprise. Try a Joker wine if you’re desperate to sample something new.