Classy Crémants

Crémant de Loire Rose (France)

Bubbly’s take…

An exquisite supermarket find! This is one of those remarkable Crémants that you simply cannot get enough of. On a casual night in, we drank it while making dinner, we drank it as an apéritif, we drank it with dinner and we even drank it after. This wine opens with a fullsome flavour, reminiscent of strawberries. Even if you are not keen on particularly fruity wines, this one is backed by drier sherbet notes, being quintessential of many Crémants. Certainly worth sampling for fans of Rosé and Crémant alike!

Would go well with…

As a Rosé Crémant, we think this is a fairly versatile wine but perhaps being better suited to fish or vegetarian dishes. Incidentally, while we’ve almost certainly blogged this recipe before, we made a delicious French honey-mustard tarte that made a superb pairing, as a pre-pizza snackette, with this enchanting wine:

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