Brassy Red Wines

“The first duty of wine is to be red. Don’t talk to me of your white wines.”Henri Murger

Here’s the funny thing, we invest a lot of our wine time in reviewing bubbles – be it Champagne, Crémant, Cava and occasionally even Prosecco. But in spite of our focused and time-limited efforts, every once in while we’re drawn to the dark side. As staunch proponents of Champagne, red wine to us is like black magic, with a foreign yet enticing mystique. So on this page, we’re keen to showcase some of those red wines we sampled that we feel every Champagne-lover should make time to try.

Winzer Krems Blauer Zweigelt (Austria)

Bubbly’s take… Austria is sometimes overlooked as one of the formative Old World wine-making countries. However, we were refreshed to discover a number of wholesome vineyards in easy reach of Vienna, including the Domaen Wachau winery. In the neighbourhood, you’ll also find Winzer Krems – producer of this wonderful Zweigelt. It has a pleasant and […]

Manz Contador de Estórias (Portugal)

Bubbly’s take… Now this is what we call a red wine! We found the Contador de Estorias to be a real “hidden gem” (or “hidden ruby”, given its burgundy finish). This is an Old World red that hails from a modern Portuguese winery. Contador de Estorias translates from Portuguese to the “storyteller” and this wholesome […]

Dominic Hentall Primitivo (Italy)

Bubbly’s take… This one comes out of the bottle with a fiery shade of burgundy. It has a bold and fierce flavour, making it perfectly enticing for heartier dishes. Don’t get us wrong, this isn’t one of those pungent or “tannin-rich” red wines that leave a bitter after-taste. Instead, its fruity and deliciously reminiscent of […]

Fauno (Spain)

Bubbly’s take… The Fauno is made by the Valencia-based Murviedro winery, which produces a range of red and white low alcohol, vegan and low calorie wines (amongst the usual strength brew!). This particular varietal is made from a blend of Garnacha, Shiraz and Monastrell grapes hence it evokes potent and fruity flavours. While the Fauno […]

Galodoro (Portugal)

Bubbly’s take… This delightful red wine is produced in the Lisbon region of Portugal and is bursting with all of the character you would expect from a capital city wine. Produced from four grape varieties, the Galodoro has a rich, fruity and colourful flavour. It’s not too intense however and we found it has a […]

Melini Chianti Riserva (Italy)

Bubbly’s take… This rather delicious Chianti hails from the lush Tuscan countryside. It is a fruity and quintessential Italian red. This Chianti is fairly full-bodied, with a thoughtful and thought-provoking taste. We enjoyed a good glass of this and also enjoyed cooking with it, adding another glass or so to our infamous “identity crisis” sausage […]

DiMarco Primitivo (Italy)

Bubbly’s take… This lushious red wine is surprisingly fruity and refreshing for a primitivo. Hailing from Puglia, this delicious wine has a full and pleasing flavour, lacking the usual tannin aftertaste that is sometimes characteristic of this grape. Would go well with… A good hearty dish. This primitivo would, naturally, pair with steak or a […]