Brassy Red Wines

Galodoro (Portugal)

Bubbly’s take…

This delightful red wine is produced in the Lisbon region of Portugal and is bursting with all of the character you would expect from a capital city wine. Produced from four grape varieties, the Galodoro has a rich, fruity and colourful flavour. It’s not too intense however and we found it has a fairly light after-taste – this one is not like those “heavier” red wines that sometimes carry too much tannin. We think this is a wonderful pick, which offers a great flavour and superb value.

Would go well with…

It’s a robust Old World wine so we think this would make a good match for richer pasta- and risotto-based dishes. We enjoyed a glass of the Galodoro with our meat-free Vesuvius ragu – think chilli, tomato, red onion, smoked garlic, vegetarian pastrami, mushroom, courgette with some lovely fusilli and a solid topping of parmesan. Delicious!

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