Classy Crémants

“Come quickly, I’m tasting the stars!”Dom Pérignon

When people come to think of bubbles, Champagne is usually the variety that comes to mind. We couldn’t even find a classic quote to describe Crémant, which is a terrific shame given the quality, style and potency of this wine. But like Champagne, Crémant can only be used to described sparkling wines originating from several defined regions in France and Luxembourg.

Crémant is also fermented using the same technique as Champagne – the so-called méthode champenoise (… yeast gobbling-up sugar and making some ‘CO2 sparkle’ all in the bottle). But what really distinguishes these two fantastic sparklings are the grapes used to seed and produce them. Chardonnay frequently takes centre-stage in the production of Champagne, blended with one or two other prize grapes. Chardonnay is also important for Crémant but there is tendency to rely upon a broader variety of indigenous grapes in the blending process ( – Pinot Noir, Auxerrois, Grolleau, Riesling, Pinot Griogio, Chenin Blanc, Pineau d’Aunis, Rivaner, Sauvignon Blanc amongst other popular varietals!). With such rich diversity and wine-making heritage, we think this shy species of sparkling deserves a rightful place on any wine-lover’s rack. We particularly enjoyed the following:

Vouvray Domaine du Petit Coteau

Bubbly’s take… This is a remarkable Crémant and testimony to the Champagne-matching qualities of this species of sparkling. It is a dry yet smooth wine that comes out of the bottle with an eager fizz. We would, perhaps, best describe this Crémant as ‘pleasantly sour’, with some undercurrents of lemon. In summary, we feel this […]

Benjamin Darnault Vigneron’s Wife Crémant de Bourgogne (France)

Bubbly’s take… We loved this Crémant! As you’ll see, the Vigneron’s Wife comes in a very classic bottle and pours with a buzzing froth. It is rich in flavours of apple and watermelon, and has a lovely tart bouquet. We think this Crémant would be a real party-pleaser at dinner parties. Delicious, sassy and punchy… […]

Cave de Turkheim Crémant d’Alsace (France)

Bubbly’s take… We think this is a wonderful Crémant! It’s a very pleasant wine that greets the palate with soft, lemony flavour. This wine is distinctive yet not overpowering. It has a refreshing and memorable profile but it’s certainly not overwhelming. This Crémant is also very reasonably priced, which makes it – in our humble […]

Prince Alexandre Crémant de Loire (France)

Bubbly’s take: We found this one by chance, while poodling around the supermarket for Friday night treats. We were heartened to find a growing selection of Crémants, recognising the significance of this wine appellation. This Loire Crémant has a profound character and certainly isn’t shy. It brings a dry, citrus-like and lasting flavour to the […]

Dopff & Irion Blanc de Blancs Crémant d’Alsace (France)

Bubbly’s take: This delightful Brut is everything we imagined a good sparkling wine to be. It’s dry yet delicate, and ornate yet enchanting. This Crémant is made in the fairytale-like region of Alsace in France, adjacent to the German border in the East. It is one of several fabulous-looking wines made by this enchanting vineyard. […]

Crémant d’Alsace Paul Mittnacht (France)

Bubbly’s take… A fair few years ago, there had been some talk (… and concern) of Alsace region wines becoming sweeter. While we’re certainly partial to a sweet dessert wine, we’re pleased to report this Crémant d’Alsace is conspicuously dry. The Crémant d’Alsace Paul Mittnacht is also reassuringly strong, with notes of honey and ripe […]

Champ Divin Crémant du Jura Brut Zéro Dosage (France)

Bubbly’s take: We ordered this one straight from a wine broker and it turned out to be a great pick. The Champ Divin house produce their wine in a lush region in the east of France, not far from the Swiss border. Being a so-called “zéro dosage” Brut (something akin to being low sugar or […]

Cave de Viré Crémant de Bourgogne (France)

Bubbly’s take: Another characterful Crémant found! This one comes out of the bottle with a pearly froth and a wonderfully pale complexion. Made by the Cave de Viré cooperative, with a cultivating area of around 240 hectares, this sparkling is one of several distinctive Crémants. This particular Crémant has a delicately fragrant and almost creamy […]

Cuvée Royale Crémant de Limoux (France)

Bubbly’s take… This one is quite a potent Crémant. Another Limoux-produced sparkling, the Cuvée Royale conjures a bold and solid taste. We think this one would be best-suited to more seasoned purveyors of Crémant, who would appreciate this wine’s strong and layered flavour. Would go well with… We think this Crémant’s strength also gives it […]

Château de Mauny Brut Crémant de Loire

Bubbly’s take… This Crémant is rich in flavours of apple and pear. It is reassuringly dry but very refreshing when served chilled. The Château de Mauny is also very well-priced so we think this one makes a solid choice for both seasoned fans of Crémant or anyone curious in this excellent class of sparkling wine. […]

Calvet Crémant de Bordeaux (France)

Bubbly’s take: This was a pleasant surprise. We’ll admit – we picked this one up at the supermarket, with only half a glance at the label. But we’re definitely glad we did! This Crémant brings a strong and chirpy taste to the palate. This is a pleasant-looking and versatile wine that will go well with […]

Crémant de Limoux Rosé (France)

Bubbly’s take… This striking Brut is widely available in Tesco. It’s light, fruity and very well-received. If you want to find a solid rosé Crémant without any fuss then we think this one could fit the bill. Would go well with… We enjoyed this Crémant with a lovely cheese-based pasta dish. However, we think this […]