Classy Crémants

Benjamin Darnault Vigneron’s Wife Crémant de Bourgogne (France)

Bubbly’s take…

We loved this Crémant! As you’ll see, the Vigneron’s Wife comes in a very classic bottle and pours with a buzzing froth. It is rich in flavours of apple and watermelon, and has a lovely tart bouquet. We think this Crémant would be a real party-pleaser at dinner parties. Delicious, sassy and punchy… what more could one want from a Crémant?

Would go well with…

So, we enjoyed this with dinner – cod served over jasmine rice – and the Vigneron’s Wife took centre stage. But we think this excellent Crémant is also sufficiently potent to pair with stronger dishes. (Also, goes well with a Friday evening and Disney+.)

Where to buy…

Naked Wines


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