Other Surprising Specialities

“You mustn’t be afraid to sparkle a little brighter, darling.”Kirsten Kuehn

We’re big on Champagne, we love Crémant and we’re massive fans of Cava. That said, the world of bubbles knows few limits and there are many other distinguished wine families, both old and emerging, that we feel deserve special mention. From landmark English sparkling wine to discerning Italian Prosecco, here you’ll find some of our favourite fizzy treats. We hope to grow and diversify this little collection so please do stop by again to see what’s new!

Graham Beck Méthode Cap Classique Brut (South Africa)

Bubbly’s take… This sparkling hails from South Africa and is made from a blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes. It is a reassuringly dry and strong wine, made not too far from Cape Town. Given we’re increasingly accustomed to (read: ‘spoilt by’) Champagnes and Crémants, the Graham Beck made a refreshing change and this […]

Castel Fagila Franciacorta (Italy)

Bubbly’s take… This fire-cracker of a sparkling wine is a three-grape varietal that hails from a quaint commune in Lombardy, Italy. The Franciacorta blossoms with a vibrant flavour of apples and melon. But there is a depth to this one, with some tart and sharper notes. It also has a lovely fragrant aroma. Would go […]

Borgo dei Sassi Prosecco (Italy)

Bubbly’s take: This is a fairly dry Prosecco though it is still very flavourful and fragrant, with modest notes of pear and lemon. Unlike Champagne and other sparklings, Prosecco is produced through the aptly-named metodo italiano (the Italian method or “Charmat Method”) that involves the wine being fermented and carbonated in closed tanks, rather than […]

Camel Valley Reserve Brut (United Kingdom)

Bubbly’s take: Never have we ever had a Cornish sparkling wine. Our impression has been that the English sparkling wine industry is predominant in the home counties, with even The New York Times taking note of certain distinguished Surrey- and Sussex-based names. In contrast, Camel Valley are an increasingly-celebrated, family-managed winery based in a picturesque […]

Adeletto Prosecco (Italy)

Bubbly’s take… Another Saturday, another Prosecco and this one is reassuringly dry. The Adeletto comes out of the bottle with a healthy plume of fizz. This one is not too fragrant and easy on palate hence we think it would make a great apéritif. It carries wholesome and refined notes of apple and grape so […]

Pizzolato Prosecco Brut (Italy)

Bubbly’s take… Another fine Italian sparkling that offers very good value for money. This Prosecco isn’t shy, which is somewhat surprising for an organic wine. It possesses a zesty and direct flavour, reminiscent of apples and pears. That said, we found this to be a palatable and versatile, which we think would be suited to […]

Col de L’Utia Prosecco Superiore Organic (Italy)

Bubbly’s take: This vibrant Prosecco has a dazzling and zesty profile. It’s neither too dry nor too fruity hence we think this is perfect for bringing balance to more varied dishes. Incidentally, we enjoyed this with a lovely homemade dinner of honeycomb courgette cannelloni, a fennel and pesto tart served with a Caesar salad: Would […]

La Delfina Prosecco (Italy)

Bubbly’s take: This Prosecco offers good value in return for a reasonably dry and well-defined flavour. It comes out of the bottle with a very pale complexion, almost as bright as a midsummer’s moon. This wine has a lilting but not overwhelming taste that is reminiscent of citrus fruits. Would go well with: Pizza! We […]

Bedin Prosecco Treviso (Italy)

Bubbly’s take… This is a great mellow Prosecco. It has a nicely balanced flavour with plenty of depth but without the bitter after-taste that is occasionally reminiscent of Italian sparklings. This is a reliable and refreshing Prosecco that is vended from a well-established wine merchant. Would go well with… Home-made pizza! Where to buy… Tordoffs

Corte Molino Prosecco (Italy)

Bubbly’s take… This is one of the drier Proseccos that we’ve tried. We had, mistakenly, assumed Prosecco was one of the sweeter sparklings though this one proves us wrong. It has a brisk, lemony and uplifting taste, and pairs well with a Friday evening after long week at work! This is a dependable and well-priced […]