Classy Crémants

Calvet Crémant de Bordeaux (France)

Bubbly’s take: This was a pleasant surprise. We’ll admit – we picked this one up at the supermarket, with only half a glance at the label. But we’re definitely glad we did! This Crémant brings a strong and chirpy taste to the palate. This is a pleasant-looking and versatile wine that will go well with most things. It’s a delight to drink straight from the fridge and we enjoyed cooking with this when we made grilled lime salmon with a tasty avocado-mango salsa (and enjoyed another glass with the dish!):

Would go well with: As we say, this is a versatile wine so we wouldn’t be shy about trying this with most dishes, be it a lunch or dinner, or a starter or main. Equally the Calvet Crémant would make a great apéritif. We enjoyed this with a fairly tangy fish dish (above); we noticed this Crémant was particularly good at moderating and reconciling sharp and sweet tastes so it should be able to hold its own with stronger recipes.

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