Timeless Champagnes

Carré-Perseval Champagne Brut

Bubbly’s take…

We think this Champagne is a real winner! We discovered this by happenstance one Friday night in Sainsbury’s. This wine comes out of the bottle with a lovely platinum shade, with a very slight hint of rosé. It is a three-grape variety made from Chardonnary, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. With a light yet floral bouquet, and rich in flavours of well-ripened apples, we found this Champagne to be very animated and easy to enjoy.

When appropriately chilled, the Carré-Perseval is sublime and we believe it would make an excellent (and also very well-priced) choice for summer garden parties! We were so surprised by the quality, versality and value this remarkable wine offers that we had to award it the Joker – a wildcard find!

Would go well with…

We enjoyed this Champagne with a vegetarian pizza but we think it would also make a very pleasing apéritif.

Where to buy…



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