Virgin Bubbles

Freixenet Alcohol-free Sparkling

Bubbly’s take: Marketed as an “alcohol-free” wine, Freixenet sell this under a o.o.% volume label. Unlike many other wines in its peer group, which are frequently de-alcoholised to 0.5%, Freixenet’s alternative may be well-suited to anyone who wants a teetotal night. While very light and delicate to the palate, this quality wine blossoms with the scent and taste of fresh melon and grape.

Would go well with: Fresh fish or chicken cooked with a light seasoning or sauce, pairing well with lemon, lime or mild cheese. Freixenet have, however, created a refreshing versatile drink, which would also accompany a light desert (of sorbet or ice-cream), cheese or canapés provided these are not too overpowering. Alternatively, afternoon, evening or at night, this makes for a great wine to enjoy on its own.

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