Virgin Bubbles

Torres Natureo De-alcoholised Muscat (Spain)

Bubbly’s take…

We heard that the Natureo was the very first de-alcoholised wine to hit the supermarket shelves in Spain. For a virgin wine, we certainly think this one has surprising depth of flavour. It possesses rounded, lush and fruity notes to keep the palate entertained. This wine also possesses a beautiful colour and a robust bouquet hence we think the Natureo Muscant is a great choice if you’re after something that looks, smells and tastes like the real deal.

Would go well with…

Definitely food. This wine is quite versatile and we think it would pair well with most Mediterranean dishes. It’s one of those reliable wines that you can use as both an ingredient and an accompaniment. We enjoyed the Natureo when we made some scrumptous goats cheese and courgette fusilli (thanks to Mildreds (London) for the recipe!):

Where to buy…

Waitrose Cellar


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