Timeless Champagnes

Lanson Black Label Brut

Bubbly’s take

The Lanson house has been in business since 1760, making it one of the more well-established Champagne wineries. Yet this Reims-based vineyard has become one of the most visible producers, being a long-standing partner of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. Unfortunately, we’re aware Lanson’s Black Label is sometimes seen as a “gift-giver” Champagne – ornate boxes of this mysterious wine are given and even “re-given” as reliable gifts. But we feel Lanson deserves special distinction – the Black Label Brut is something to be enjoyed and not merely gifted. The next time you buy it, make sure it’s bought to be drunk (preferably for yourself!) and not left to gather dust.

Would go well with

Canapés and nibbles. We’ve generally enjoyed this crisp Champagne at parties, gatherings and events, with light food. Equally, we feel this wine is also a solitary creature, more than capable of being enjoyed on its own (perhaps as a prelude to dinner). It’s also one of the few Champagnes that we’ve found is sufficiently robust to be paired with a (mild-medium) curry!

Where to buy

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