Timeless Champagnes

Piper-Heidsieck Champagne

Bubbly’s take…

A partner of the Cats musical, Piper-Heidsieck is a landmark Champagne house that can trace its roots back to 1785 and perhaps even earlier! Theirs is a history steeped in regality (… think Marie Antoinette) and a commitment to excellence. That commitment coupled with their illustrious beginnings has enabled this respected house showcase a number of enchanting and timeless sparkling wines.

Coming to our favourite part, being the taste test, we sampled the widely-available and well-recognised Cuvée Brut. This Champagne decants from the bottle with a sophisticated and pleasing shade of platinum. To the palate, while this is quite a demure Champagne, it has a fragrant and full flavour. A very fine wine that (well-)deserves the Queen of Diamonds.

Would go well with…

We particularly enjoyed this Champagne. We think it makes a very pleasing apéritif. The Brut we sampled is also reasonably-priced, making it an excellent candidate for celebrations, drinks with significant others or close friends, or simply a special night-in. While a delicate wine, we think this Champagne would make a very good pairing with lighter starters or fish-based courses.

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