Sassy White Wines

Pique-Nique (France)

Bubbly’s take…

Yes, we did have to Google Translate the name of this wine and yes – it does mean “Picnic”. This striking white wine is produced by Benjamin Darnault, who is something of a prodigal wine-maker from France.

We tried the 2019 Pique-Nique, which is a real ‘no-nonsense’ white wine. It has a rich and floral flavour. This wine is, however, not too tart – glass after glss, it’s pleasant and very agreeable. We also think this one would make a great cooking wine, perhaps being a fitting addition to a paella recipe. A well-rounded white wine at a very reasonable price.

Would go well with…

Those midweek nights that call for great white wine without any fuss. Best served well-chilled!

Where to buy…

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