Timeless Champagnes

Baron Albert L’Universelle Brut Champagne

Bubbly’s take…

We loved this Champagne! This one comes from a relatively young and family-run vineyard, which cultivates a floroushing variety of Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes. We think they’ve made a classic. The Baron Albert comes out of the bottle with a pale and inviting shade. We feel this is a drier Champagne but with indulgent flavours of citrus fruits and apples. That said, this wine is certainly not too tart and it has some depth to it – even after the first flute, we found it blossomed with other characterful notes.

In our opinion, this Champagne is everything one comes to expect from a bottle of bubbles. It is clean, crisp and refreshing, it has dry and thought-provoking flavours, and it is free of any impure or bitter aftertaste. Being very reasonably priced, we feel the Baron Albert combines a superb ‘all-rounder’ Champagne with excellent value.

Would go well with…

We enjoyed this with home-made vegetarian pizza and we thought it made for a great pairing. We also had this with Pad Thai and vegetable tempura, and found it provided for a solid reconciliation of different sweet, spiced and savoury flavours.

Where to buy…

Le Bon Vin


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