Timeless Champagnes

Esterlin Champagne Brut Éclat

Bubbly’s take: In our opinion, the Brut Éclat, is a fairly formidable Champagne. It pours from the bottle with a pure alabaster froth; after settling, the wine takes an intriguing pale and golden shade. The particular Brut we enjoyed hailed from 2015 though we understand the Esterlin winery use a blend of three grapes of varying maturities to produce this refined and complex Champagne. This Épernay-based house draws on a rich and distinguished wine-making tradition to offer a unique and sophisticated selection of sparklings. We’re looking forward to trying more from the Esterlin collection in the near future.

Would go well with: Seafood. We opened this while preparing dinner one Saturday night. It paired well with fresh home-barbequed lobster (… which, in turn, paired well with a delicious macaroni cheese and mediterranean salad!):


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