Timeless Champagnes

Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial

Bubbly’s take…

This Brut is both a wonderful Champagne and a wonderful Rosé! We received this at Christmas in one of those big, elaborate boxes hence we had high expectations, particulary as the esteemed Moët & Chandon house now counts Louis Vutton amongst its corporate siblings. What really surprised us about this wine is it presents a great pairing of a sublime Rosé with a crisp Champagne. We’ve found few wines that can reconcile a wholesome Rosé with a dry sparkling. It’s a characterful and charming Champagne, and one we’re eager to try again soon.

Would go well with…

Canapés, cheese, shortbread, petit fours and other nice nibbles.

Where to buy…

The Drink Shop