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JP Chenet Sauvignon Blanc (France)

Bubbly’s take

Can you not tell from the size of the bottle?? We picked this one up when it was our turn to cook and we needed to make pasta in flash (- a nice linguine recipe from Gino D’Campo). This punchy and fruity Sauvignon Blanc is widely available, and brought a deep and quenching flavour to dinner. Our only regret was not buying a bigger bottle. It’s the sort of wine to have when friends come over for a meal – you can use it as an apéritif, you can sip it while you’re cooking and you may even be able to add a splosh or two to your simmering dish.

Would go well with

Well, we used it to make a fishy linguine. We found this Sauvignon Blanc provided some balance to the not-so-subtle sardine, lemon and chilli we added to this (… we absolutely did deviate from recipe but that’s the way we cook!). Consequently, when used as an ingredient, we believe this wine can hold its own against stronger flavours. Even when used as a serving wine, we feel this is capable of reconciling itself with other heavier pasta-based dishes (- think lasagne, cannelloni or ravioli).

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