Sassy White Wines

Brancott Estate Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand)

Bubbly’s take

So… while we did (in fact) drink this wine, we used it as an additional ingredient in a yummy vegetarian paella. It’s a crisp, refreshing and punchy Sauvignon Blanc, from a well-recognised winery. It’s definitely not just any old “cooking wine”. This Sauvignon Blanc is something to enjoy before cooking, while cooking and after cooking, over carefree chatter and good food.

Would go well with

Mediterranean cuisine. As noted, we think this Sauvignon Blanc makes a robust cooking wine hence it would go well in a paella, risotto or lighter pasta dish. It’s also one of those wines that you really want to keep on standby, with a bottle or two on the rack for recipes and nights in.

Where to buy

Waitrose Cellar