Thought for Food

CoViD 19 strikes again! In the UK, an emerging second wave of the virus has already prompted some reintroduction and renovation of lockdown measures. With a 10pm curfew curbing opportunities for bars and restaurants in the short-term, it’s great to see many establishments grappling with increasingly challenging trading conditions. The Telegraph have put together a handy “how-to guide” to help us best plan our social lives around the new requirements.

Within London, there are a growing number of restaurants adjusting to their new “new normal”. Eater have tracked some innovative adjustments, adopted by local restaurants, to the new requirements; including discounts for earlier bookings, “at-home” dining offerings and new delivery services. Many restaurants have also doubled-up to offer a takeaway service for their patrons. Within the UK, the revised CoViD 19 measures are anticipated to remain effective until March 2021 (perhaps with some devolved government adjustment). That said, adaptable as ever, we’re confident the hospitality industry will continue to help us all make the most of good food and fine wine in readiness for the festive period and beyond!


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